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It’s #NationalBookLoversDay and #TBT (Throw Back Thursday)! Scroll through these older pictures to see definitive proof that you just can’t tell a book by its cover. Some people like to keep their nose in a book, and others… Well, these are all items that traveler’s tried to sneak past our officers in the past. Concealed prohibited items can lead to missed flights, fines, and even arrest.

Hiding things in books has been going on as long as there have been books, which would literally make it the oldest trick in the book. Think about that…

All of you bookworms will be happy to know that books are fine to pack in checked and carry-on baggage. There’s nothing better than cracking open a good book on a flight. But remember, there’s always a chance our officers might have to check them out, but they’re permitted.

In order from beginning to end: Ninja Book w/ Knives (December, 2011 #LAX), Bullets In A Bible (July, 2009), Burning Book Magic Trick (April, 2014 #PHX), Knife In Book (June, 2012 #OGG), Gun In Book (March, 2012 #HNL), Contraband In A Book (May, 2012 #DEN), Contraband In A Book (May, 2014 #PHL).

#ProTip – Hiding prohibited items in books could get you in a bind.