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Happy #JustBecauseDay! Why is there a “Just Because Day” you might ask? Well, just because. Duh…

One might also ask why somebody would pack a replica gun/speaker with a built-in FM radio and laser pointer in their carry-on bag. In this case, we don’t think it was just because.

We think it’s because they didn’t know or didn’t understand the rules. Replica firearms are not allowed to be brought onto the cabin of an aircraft with carry-on items. They must be packed in checked baggage.

This replica firearm was discovered in a carry-on bag at the Des Moines International Airport (DSM). Even though they’re not dangerous, replica weapons make people nervous and we’d hate to see a plane get turned around for a toy such as this one. So consider this a travel tip to not pack any toy or realistic replica firearms in your carry-on.

#RandomThought – Blasting the volume on this gun could trigger a blown speaker.